Spago started in 1996 involving in interior design and fit out. It has always pride itself as a high end product and service provider. Through the years, it managed to achieve a reputation of a luxurious brand name and has won several international exhibition awards.


            With its vast expertise in interior planning and lifestyle design, SPAGO’s team believe that it has much to contribute to Kuching’s property sector. The best way to achieve that is to participate in the role as a developer. Hence, Spago Property Sdn Bhd was incorporated to spearhead the Group’s venture into Property Development.


            The Company started its first development project, Tabuan Nusa in 2004. Innovative idea and concept which were new to the market at the time were incorporate into the design. The clever use of space, light and greenery were particularly highlighted in this project. It was also one of the first projects in Kuching with fixed furnishing as standard option, so the home owners could virtually move in with their personal belongings. Tabuan Nusa have been a successful maiden project and it managed to command one of the highest prices in the same category in Kuching at the time.


            With the completion of 12 Villas, Kuching’s first million dollar development, Spago has embarked onto another first in the market with a very high end gated and guarded Semi Detached houses with individual private swimming pool. Lifestyle, security and comfort were the main design briefs. The primary assignment is to elevate this project to such an international flavour that it will be able to attract foreign buyers to come and call Kuching their home too. Many details were carefully considered ranging from the road curb to roof design simply to ensure that its exclusivities. The layout has a modern flair and is equipped with all modern conveniences.12 Villas has successfully attracted numerous foreigners to Kuching with them purchasing more than half of the development. In its own way, you could argue that SPAGO has directly or indirectly created an international community in Kuching.


            Academia Lane, the 176- unit Town Villa development is the most talked about project in Kuching. Also dubbed the first sustainable development in Kuching, Academia Lane has incorporated various environmentally friendly features into the project. Located just beside Academia Lane, Xintiandi Shoplex, a mixed lifestyle commercial development was built  to complement the needs of the Kota Samarahan residents.


            Looking forward, SPAGO has 2 up and coming projects, namely,  Greenwich South, a  3 block, 6-storey luxury apartment and North Greenwich, a 10-storey apartment with penthouse.


            Needless to say, our company owes its success to its team. It is not only important to have the ability to attract talents but even more importantly is the ability to retain good talents. Spago believes that successful persons are always attracted to new ideas. The best way to keep good people is to allow new ideas to flow. This will also polarize the work force by separating those that embrace change and the opposition.



            Today, innovation may not be enough to elevate the standard of Property Development. It must be innovation with a life saving bias towards achieving that in an environmentally responsible manner. Spago will continue to invest in innovation and creative ideas to create a niche market not only in the luxury sense but in a manner that is conscious to our planet.